Glamour Hanneli Mustaparta & Calin H.“Can you, in 30 seconds or less, convince someone who has never heard of your brand that it’s worth their time to see the collection?”, asks Crosby Noricks from PR Couture to Fashion PR Wannabes.

This is one of the trickiest parts of being a PR, whatever major you are working in.
I remember being really good in oral presentations. And even if the longest ones were my best, I enjoyed the most doing quick oral speeches to people about our clients’ products. Specially during trade exhibitions with general public. Holy hamster, those promotional speeches were challenging because, if done correctly, they could mean instant SALES!
We are not going to speak about how to describe a collection here. Instead of that I am going to give you some personal advice about how to do 30-second killer speeches about your fashion client. I hope you enjoy it!


If you are sure that you are going to use that speech several times this season to talk about the same collection, you will need to write a 30-second movie script!
Before writing it, try to identify your purpose and the audience you will be dealing with. Always remember to write for the ear -not the eye- using short sentences and avoiding an excess of technical stuff.
Organize your content the following way:

  1. Introduction: The main point (or highlight) of the collection must be given in a few words since you want to immediately capture your audience’s attention. Be provocative and sexy (well, not literally, please).
  2. Body: Elaborate your point in no more than 2 or 3 ideas or concepts. Do not explain what is not necessary and do not waste time in details!
  3. Conclusion: Briefly reiterate your message and slowly open “the feedback door” to your audience.


I am not kidding! Practice your speech in front of the mirror or annoy your PR colleagues with your speech trials.
The most important thing is that you listen to how it sounds several times. Since writing communication differs from oral communication, you will maybe have to change your initial speech because “it doesn’t sound good”.
If you want to control the time you spend with the intro, the body or the conclusion, you can always use a chronometer until you vomit your final speech in less than 30 seconds!


Whether you are presenting the collection to someone on the phone or physically, some of these guidelines will do you good.

  1. Deliver your message with confidence.
  2. Smile even if nobody can see you.
  3. Look sharp. I mean, professional.
  4. Work on the tone of your voice.
  5. Show enthusiasm.
  6. (If physically) Maintain eye contact.

What are your tips for oral speeches? Let me know!

Picture by: Hanneli Mustaparta & Glamour