• Yazmina Cabrera

  • Founder & Editor

Yazmina Cabrera (26, born in Spain) comes from an international experience in PR & Communications, having worked in the Luxury industry for many years and specializing in Fashion since 2012.
Yazmina is also the author of the digital fashion zine Girl with a Banjo.

  • Leanne Barton

  • Contributor

Leanne is a PR professional with a love of beauty, fashion and events. She currently lives in the UK but has dreams to live in the States one day.

  • Kristi Bergeron

  • Contributor

Kristi Bergeron has been involved in digital media since the MySpace days and has always understood that it is a place where brands, businesses and people can gain momentum and finesse their image. Currently she is the Digital Director at Kravetz PR. There she establishes fashion and beauty brands with a social media voice, while continuing to position herself as a thought leader in the digital world.

  • Byron Cordero

  • Contributor

Since working in New York, Byron has had the chance to assist in brand development. Quite the advocate of social media, he uses it religiously in all PR campaigns; all for the purpose of connecting with his followers and keeping them filled in on his world, endeavors and goals.

  • This could totally be you!

  • Contributor / Editor

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