Are you a walking brand?

“Like a zombie, you mean?”. Yes, but substituting the word “brains” for “brand”.

Extremely bad jokes aside, some people don’t even think this is a real possibility. But there is no bigger satisfaction than being happy doing something you love for the people you love. And this (specially) applies to PR too.

From the perspective of every PR, being inspired by the brand you are representing and its philosophy is key to inspire others. After all, if you don’t believe in it, how are you going to make others believe in it too?
Representing the brand’s image goes beyond the physical appearance –though this is in constant discussion as well since your physics will play a decisive role in your professional career in the PR industry-. But remember: even if you are the most attractive person in the world, what goes out from your mouth and how your attitude looks like matter. A LOT.

As a PR person, everybody must see the brand you are representing in the whole-of-YOU: the way you move, the way you talk, the way you laugh, how you pick up food at a party. You have to become a walking-brand. So that even at first sight people will be able to say: HEY, THERE COMES STELLA MCCARTNEY’S PR GIRL!

You must wear a PR-second-skin wherever you go and you have to do it well. Your eyes are supposed to shine every time you speak about that brand. But hey, the sentiment has to be true and honest. Otherwise you’ll look like one of those individuals who fake-a-smile and strike-a-pose at press events while they say: “Oh, this is absolutely marvellous! Oh, isn’t this gorgeous! Oh, this is the most delightful party I have ever assisted to! My client is the best! They always make outstanding things!”. And truth is they hate the host of that particular event, so to be precise, their client. You picture that kind of PR, don’t you?

There is nothing more powerful than a passionate PR who believes in the brand he/she works for. If the media can feel what makes you being so passionate about, the feeling will certainly become as contagious as a zombie virus. SO BE PROUD TO SPREAD IT.

Picture credits: Are you the photographer/owner of the AMAZING picture illustrating this post? Please do let me know so I can quote you properly!