Draft a mediakit for your blog

“How to write a media k…”, come on, google that. Or better don’t, I’ll tell you what happens: 53 million results pop out like flies on a summer day!
That has been one of my most searched sentences ever since I started working as a PR. But specially now that I am also a blogger, I am concerned about how to get the best out of my media kit. And so should you!
However, there are numerous (well now you know, 53M) sites that can help you in that process. And some of them are fantastic. But some others explain it just as if your mother told you that the chicken soup is just chicken and water in a casserole. They’re just too generic.
But we are going to dig a little deeper today. Grab a piece of paper and a pen because we are going to draft a killer media kit for your blog starting with the first 2 steps. Together.
Notice that this is just a draft and not your final media kit. So we’ll split the graphic part on purpose. However, feel free to fill your piece of paper with froggies, houses with a garden or whatever you draw when you talk on the phone.

Step 1: Introduce yourself

Get all this information and write it down. Remain simple with your answers and do not exceed with words.

  • Name of the blog.
  • Motto/Slogan.
  • Your name and position: Yes, what are you? Blog Editor? Blog Founder?
  • A small BIO of yourself: Talk equally about your personal and professional life. Go for the essentials. If you love carrot cake and yours is a fashion blog, I don’t think I’d write that down. Do include where you are located, how old you are (don’t be specific if you don’t feel comfortable) and your general background.
  • A small description of your blog: This should emphasizes its strengths, so give it an “important” twist. You want everybody to say “hey, this girl means business” when they read your media kit.
  • Brands you have worked with or/and projects you have participated in: Do they have a visual result? Include a picture or a link to it. Be brief with all the explanations.

Step 2: Collect your data

Mark this section because you will have to update it every single month.

  • Visits, unique users and pageviews: Using Analytics, you can either take your calculator and find out what your average stats are (for the past 3 months) or you can write all these numbers in a nice table of contents. Do you want to impress your media kit reader? Include detailed percentages (ex. visits grow around 46% every month).  My one and only tip is to BE HONEST.
  • Demographics: Analytics will only tell you where your readers are located. Quantcast will tell you everything about their gender, income, their education, … so go get a free Quantcast account and let the service analyse your blog. Once you have all relevant information, write it down in your piece of paper.
  • Social media followers: Facebook, Twitter, GFC, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram… list them all and include today’s date.

Am I missing anything? Do you have any questions? Need personalized advice about this subject? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Picture credits: Mark Pillai has photographed Hanna Verhees and Solveig Mørk hansen for Elle Italia (May 2013).