Blog Coaching Sessions by Kristi Bergeron and Billy Dumé

So, you’ve started a blog. Congratulations! We probably don’t have to tell you just how much you need the good graces of publicists everywhere to make your endeavor a success. Dealing with anyone in the Fashion industry can always seem a bit intimidating. Think Andy Sachs walking into her interview at Runway for the first time. At Kravetz & Company Public Relations, we receive requests from bloggers on a regular basis, and we take them very seriously. Not only do we need relationships with bloggers to get press, but we understand that your little fashion blog could be the next Refinery 29 or Daily Candy. We want to see you succeed. So, we’ve created a list of a few helpful do’s and don’ts to refer to when you are trying to build important relationships with publicists everywhere.

Be specific

Be specific. Don’t send form emails
Occasionally, a well-intentioned blogger will send us a form email requesting products without even mentioning which of our clients they’re interested in. Especially if you’re a new blog, it’s critical that you come across as having a clear point of view. We’re not inclined to send samples from one of our fashion and accessories clients to a site that has reviews of shoes they love followed by reviews of the latest chainsaw followed by reviews of lavender-scented cat tree condos. We realize the importance, more than ever, of an online presence for our clients, and treat blogs as importantly as publications, if not more so, depending on the circumstance. Editors from major publications request specific products when they reach out to us, so we expect the same discernment from bloggers. Get your Miranda Priestly on and tell us exactly what you’re looking for.

Image is everything

It’s Fashion- Image is everything, even online.
We all envision a world where looks don’t matter and people can see past image… Wait! What am I saying? This is the Fashion Industry! Aesthetics dominate our industry, and particularly in the online space, with the prominence of Pinterest and Instagram, a visually pleasing design is key! It may sound harsh, but perception is reality in our world! The look of your website is as important as its viewership, particularly in a world where you’re competing with established bloggers and publications for attention. We’re not saying you need to hire Mario Testino, but editorials can’t be done with Blackberry cameras. Breaking Fashion industry news can’t be delivered in a blog feed that looks like it was coded in 1995. Credible beauty reviews aren’t filmed Blair Witch Project-style via web cam with a messy bedroom in the background. Most importantly, even if you’re blogging for an audience of one right now, you don’t want it to stay that way. Let your image define the type of blog you aspire to be!

Sell your Story

Sell us your story.
You aren’t just a blogger, you’re a writer. Good writers are always thinking of their next big story. Don’t simply request products in your communication with us; sell us your story. Having a story idea in mind for a specific product shows us that you take your job as a blogger seriously. Let’s be honest, we have all seen those tacky blog posts where some blogger lets the world know how awesome their job is just because they get free stuff to review. Don’t be that blogger. Approach us with a story in hand and we are far more likely to consider you for a review. Also, given that you’re a writer, turn on spell check while you’re at it. Love ya (example of intentional misspelling)!

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Special thanks to: Billy Dumé & Kristi Bergeron. Kravetz & Company Public Relations.
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Picture credits: The amazing fashion editorial shot by Alexis Dahan for Elle Italia (May 2013) with Heidi Harrington-Johnson and Emily Senko.