PR Guide for Bloggers


  1. How to do a PR Research for your blog
  2. PR Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics for your blog
  3. How to create a media database for your blog
  4. How to create a PR Calendar for your blog
  5. How to draft a mediakit for your blog
  6. Sho ’em whatcha got!
  7. Learn to work with PR Agencies with Kravetz PR (I)
  8. Learn to work with PR Agencies with Kravetz PR (II)

I have recently been approached by a fellow blogger called Kashara Johnson who wanted to know how she could use some of my PR expertise in her blog. She was quite specific: “I want my traffic to boost, how can PR help me?”.
At first I was a little bit sceptic. How could I help a Fashion Blogger to increase her stats? But since I have represented Luxury, Beauty, Travel, Wellness and Fashion as a PR and now I am a blogger, I can tell you what’s up in both sides. And hey, I can help you to create a PR Plan for your blog and use it as a tool to promote it! Why not? Let’s get all businessy!
But wait, what’s PR anyway?

 “Public Relations (PR) is the management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the public on whom its success or failure depends”.
(Cutlip, Center & Broom, 2005)

Avoiding the seriousness of this statement, let’s detune it to what it really means: in this new scenario your blog is your own organization, you are your blog’s best PR person and your role is to lead its promotional activities to the infinity and beyond.
How will you make it? You will work on what’s special about your blog and you’ll create the strategic lines you –yourself– are going to use.
What will you need?
Besides a computer and a blog, you’ll need a notebook, a pen, your favourite marker, patience and an open mind.
What’s the role of Banjo PR in all that? I will be here to give you some guidance, answer to all your questions and help you out as much as I can.
I told you, we’re getting businessy! Come back tomorrow morning and read the first chapter of the PR Guide for Bloggers: Research.

Picture credits: Aline Weber by Christian Anwander for Numéro China, April 2013.