Writing for the Fashion Business

Writing for the Fashion Business by Kristen K. Swanson and Judith C. Everett is a Bible for Fashion Journalism Students, PR professionals and other Marketing & Communication people working in the Fashion industry. It is definitely a book to have over the desk to consult when needed.
This book is supposed to fill the gap between general writing classes and upper-level fashion courses. It is a great 600-page source full of outstanding guidelines to write properly and different your style from the rest of the world. The writing tips in this book are valuable, but you won’t find a style guide or anything like that. It focuses more on the structure of your texts and it gives you proper examples of how to improve your writing skills.
The pages’ texture is perfect to write your own notes and highlight sentences using your favourite fluo colour! Since I bought it I have always kept it very close so that I could make consultations while I was writing. I usually find myself reading more than once the same page just because I follow the tutorials very often. It has totally changed the way I tend to structure all my written communications.
With this book you will learn to write for Fashion Journalism (Newspapers, Magazines, Broadcast Media), for Fashion Promotion and Communication (Advertising, Public Relations, New Media), for other forms of Fashion Writing (scholarly writing, books, business communications) and it will even teach you to re-do your CV and Cover Letter for the Fashion world! It includes a lot of writing examples, key terms and useful writing tools.
However, I must say that the fact that it was published in 2008 and that no second editions have been released yet is a little bit tricky. All the examples are from 2007-2008, and I have the feeling that back then blogging was not even an issue. So it doesn’t dig any deep in online communications, to be honest. However, my overall opinion about this book is SUPER positive and it is a must read if you are interested in, well, writing for the fashion business.
You can get a 2nd hand copy of this book in Amazon.com from $28. But of course if you are in Europe this rule doesn’t apply and you’ll either have to buy a new copy at your local Amazon store –which is far more expensive, varying from 50€ to 72€– or buy in Amazon.com and pay double for the shipping expenses already mentioned. Whatever your final purchasing decision is, one thing is sure: you won’t be disappointed by this book!