Fashion Public Relations Gerald J. Sherman

This (text)book means serious business. Fashion Public Relations by Gerald J. Sherman and Sar S. Perlman is a must read if you are studying any Fashion related degree, but also if you are into self-learning. It includes a lot of useful examples, key terms, questions and exercises. I promise you: what’s inside this book is KILLER! It is full of good advice and the tone is pretty much teacher-to-student.
It is organized as follows:

  • Part I: Public Relations Fundamentals
    Fashion Public Relations has the best introductory chapter -about both the industry and PR- I have ever read. Including lots of definitions, myths and basic concepts, it also contains super useful info about what media exposure is, how public opinion affects businesses and an introduction to media. Once you’ve read this chapter you will be crazily in love with Fashion Public Relations.
  • Part II: Setting up a Public Relations Campaign
    This part will show you the way to understand what audience means (its segmentation, motivations, needs, focus groups, …) and how to extract valuable information from it to create audience profiles and, later on, PR strategies.
    It also covers a Campaign Planning chapter that will teach you to establish goals and create a detailed plan, determining target markets and defining the timeline. Swot Analysis, measuring results, establishing a budget are also explained.
    The last chapter in this part will help you formulate, modify and select PR methods. It ends with a section dedicated to measuring results.
  • Part III: Developing Public Relations Stories
    In this part you will learn how to implement PR Methods and create a media angle. Besides, it gives a detailed list of all PR tools you need to success: from how to write a press release or what a photo opportunity is, to dealing with your community or handling mouth-word. It also gives you some tips on how to build and maintain business relationships with Media, community and nonprofit organizations.
    The Media Coverage section explains the pitch, the press kit, the media enquiry, how to arrange interviews/photos/video, and how to monitor it all.
  • Part IV: Executive Functions and Duties
    The last part covers productivity, budgeting, cost accountability, crisis management and all sort of administrative Press Office activities.

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