I’ve learned that any career path chosen in the realm of media will follow one simple rule: be relevant. Time is the value behind much of society, in exchange we receive information. Look at how glued we are to our phones, televisions, headphones, etc. just to be alert and aware of the world.
It is important to adopt, be innovative and keep the ball rolling. Even if you don’t know what’s going on, you convert the unknown to opportunities. I relate a vast amount of my work, whether PR or branding in general, to hosting events.


The person across the table from you might be mentioning his trip to Zimbabwe, it’s been about 20 minutes since your last word has been acknowledged and your food is ready to jump onto your lap if you don’t quit playing with it. SO you work with what you have. Let’s see (never been to Zimbabwe, that is totally a toupee, the lady to my left smells of Chanel NO.5, and the waiter seems annoyed that no one ordered desert).



you hear that during Zimbabwe he met a fellow companion from Spain. Here’s your angle, use it. You compliment his story, articulate your interest in travel, and spin it to Spain being your second home, all those summers in 1994 at the castle of San Pedro and venture into how Spanish is your native language. From there the ball is in your court, you direct the conversation, allow any other to input, LISTEN, and continue to engage and familiarize these people with who YOU actually are; not the person who made a smiley face with his mashed potatoes


Did I say LISTEN? transform those I’s into You’s, and those statements into questions.It’s a balance, a tango if you will. Give & Take. No one wants to hear me, me, me except yourself. If you want a conversation by yourself in the corner, then by all means, continue.

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