Is working for your favourite brand really for you?

Admit it. We all believe we want to be there. Becoming a member of our favourite brand’s PR Team and announcing it publicly through Fashion Monitor sounds like a teenage dream come true. And from the bottom of our –broken– hearts we wish we could become next OscarPRGirl, or even bigger.

We ALL have an IT brand that we long to work for, whatever sector we are in. We PRs do care about our professional development and therefore we are always looking for that specific step that will boost our career and lead us to paradise (well, not literally).

Just have a look at Chanel’s Instagram comments and you’ll find a lot of people saying: “I want to work for you!”, “Aw, that is my dream job”, “I wish I could intern at Chanel!”. We may guess that many of these followers are young people who live in small cities and possibly work at boutique PR firms. But they would love to be part of that glossy world where everybody seems to smile the whole time, receive branded bags and go to super cool parties with Karl Lagerfeld. And this doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. After all, dreaming big is key to success, right?

However, after fantasizing about our work at our favourite brand for so long, maybe we have idealized it a little bit too much. Some of us may still have some doubts about whether or not we would be good PRs for that brand after all. “Am I what they are looking for? Am I too meticulous? Too ambitious maybe? Too team-player? Too confident? Am I not good enough at preparing coffee? How will I know? Duh!”. Let’s start by answering YES or NO to a very simple test.

I want to work for my favourite brand because…

  1. It sounds cool.
  2. It has a very important name.
  3. I love a t-shirt they just presented.
  4. Everybody else does.
  5. There’s a big buzz around that brand right now.
  6. They just opened a shop in London.

If you answered YES to some of the above statements, then we may have a problem. While working for Chanel may -indeed- sound fantastic in your curriculum, it might not be for you.
The signs that prove that you would enjoy (and succeed) working as a PR at your favourite brand go beyond the professional Linkedin-type skills though. These are inner signs that matter in the long term, the ones you can’t fake (nor hide) for more than a couple of weeks, the ones that you eventually let out in breaks-by-the-photocopier or at lunch with the Fashion Editor of Swedish ELLE.

Ask yourself the following questions and then share your personal experience with us. We want to hear from you!

Photo credits: Noir & Blanc, Model Julia Frauche photographed by James Macari for Grazia France (1st march 2013)