Ready to Launch: The PR Couture guide to breaking into Fashion PR

If you are into Fashion PR and Blogging, then you probably know Crosby Noricks’ PR Couture blog. It’s a weekly source of inspiration for those wanting to build up a career in Fashion PR or just get updated on the latest news in the PR industry.
Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR is a complement to the blog, not a substitute, and it is perfect for those PR-wannabes who don’t know how to break into fashion. The book is very easy and light to read –actually you can finish it in only one day– and you will definitely end up willing to enjoy it again. It will give you a clear insight of what working as a Fashion PR means and what you can do to get there.
It starts by telling Crosby Noricks’ personal story and then it jumps to a quick section dedicated to a little bit of theory where she explains the differences between PR, Marketing and Advertising. From then on, you will discover what to expect from PR Jobs, who you can contact, how social media can help you, how you can get noticed by the recruiters… It’s all about job-seeking, not about PR techniques. Oh, and it’s mainly focused on the US.
It has got amazing reviews on Amazon (100% of the reviewers gave a 5* review to the book!). Cool thing is that you don’t necessarily need to spend much for this book: its Kindle edition costs $11.66 and the paperback edition $17.99. I have an iPad with the Kindle app and that’s how I read it, but I would have loved to have a paperback version of it. Now that the 2nd edition has been launched -and I heard it has some great changes- I am totally into buying a paperback copy.
This is a book to keep and to share with others who have got the same passion for Fashion PR as you.