Uncovering Fashion

Uncovering Fashion: Fashion Communications Across the Media by Marian Frances Wolbers is the kind of book you would buy if you went to a book shop in search of a Fashion Communications guide. Just by looking at the beautiful front cover -which is very eye-catchy- you can picture almost everything about the book and its content and visual curation. Also a very inviting table of contents full of nice headlines gives you a quick idea of what’s about to happen.
The chapters in Uncovering Fashion actually try to make you participate in the learning process with a little bit of practice, exercises and a glossary, just like in your old school days! The book is structured in three different parts:

  • The first part is called Fashion Communications: A Layered Look. Even though I can’t help but think about Leandra Medine whenever I read the word “layered”, this first part has nothing to do with men repelling. In fact, it gives you a wide picture of what fashion communications are and how what their “job” is in the fashion industry. It makes you wonder what the origins of your wardrobe are and how to deconstruct an outfit, but it also covers a general overview of the Fashion Communications business.
  • The second part is called Fashion Communications: The Business End. This is where the author goes deeper in the communications praxis and invites you to create a press kit, to compare two Fashion items properly from a Fashion Communications perspective, and it also tells you how to conduct an interview.
    I love the fact that Marian Frances Wolbers brings small pieces of history to the different parts of the book. I remember when I was a kid and my History teacher made me believe that if you know everything about what’s already happened, you’ll be able to have a better image of the future. And she was right! Consider that designers are constantly travelling back in time in search of inspiration. So during the second part you’ll be able to discover the influence of historical people in this industry as well.
  • The third and last part is called Fashion Communications: Representation in the Media, and the title speaks for itself. It starts with a super inspirational chapter about the big C (Creativity!) and how to use it accordingly to succeed in Fashion Communications with super unique and original ideas. Then a whole chapter is dedicated to magazines and how they feature Fashion (shame that in my book I have examples from 2007!). The book ends up with some chapters about writing in a “fashion language” and about the relation between words and visuals.

You can buy this book in Amazon.com from $56.70 (new) and from $37.80 (used), OR you can come visit me to Milan and we’ll enjoy a Fashion Communication reading afternoon while we drink a cup of delicious cappuccino.