Personal Branding on a Digital Sphere

As a publicist it is your job is to pimp out your brands and bring attention to them. However, if you are not careful, being over committed to other brands will leave your personal brand looking like Andy Sacks pre-intro to the Runway closet.  No matter your industry, putting time and energy into marketing yourself or your agency, is an essential part of keeping your brand alive, vibrant and in demand.

Chances are Harper One isn’t contacting you for a book deal anytime soon, so your best bet is to take time to maximize your presence online. The digital space is set up to be your greatest brand asset. If you haven’t learned how to leverage it, now is the time. Not only is it essential for your personal brand, but in the coming years it will become even more important for you as a publicist to know how to navigate the digital world on behalf of your clients, but more on that in another post.

Get Social: If you are one of the few people left in the world that is reluctant to dive into social media, it’s time to get over yourself. Part of maximizing your brand will require that you be active on important social networks. From this point forward, consider Twitter and LinkedIn the Karen and Gretchen to your Regina George. Not knowing how to use social media is no excuse for not being present. There is a ton of information and tools that can help your cause, all it takes is a quick Google search.

Remember, Everyone is Watching: The biggest mistake I see publicists make with their social media presence occurs when they assume their account is private or “personal.” As a result, they assume what they choose to tweet and post doesn’t really matter. If you’re treating yourself as your most important client, it is essential to filter every piece of content and make sure it lines up with whatever image you want to convey. Image is everything. Do you really want your professional image to be dominated by “I’m so hung-over” or “my life sucks” posts? My guess is, probably not!

Become an Information Curator: I’m convinced that despite its popularity, no one actually knows what the word curate means. Just in case you are wondering, it’s not like the word “fetch…” It’s going to happen!  As a publicist you work with editors all the time – editors edit. This means they pull the best content from anywhere they can find it and put it into a magazine. Curation is essentially the same thing in the digital space. For your personal brand curating information as it relates to your industry and making it available to your fans and followers is the best way to look like an expert. Tweeting and posting links and sharing information is a great way to enhance your brand and increase your professional image.

Get a Blog or Don’t: How tired are you of hearing that is the only way to achieve a solid online presence? Well, take a deep breath. I actually don’t believe putting the time and energy into your own blog is necessary unless you are passionate about it. However, I do believe in the age of digital publishing, there is no excuse to not be guest blogging and publishing your own content on the web. You may be thinking this is easier said than done, but the truth is most bloggers are always looking for content. If there is an industry related blog that you frequent, why not shoot them an email and ask if you can guest blog. I have found you build phenomenal industry relationships this way (I’m looking at you Yazmina…) and it is the most efficient way to increase your reach and prominence in search engines.

In case I haven’t made my point yet, you are the most important brand you will ever represent. If you were a client, you’d be on retainer for the life of your career. It’s essential to the health of your professional endeavours that you maximize everything the digital world has to offer to benefit your personal brand. What are you waiting for? Go work that digital runway and show the world how fierce you really are!

Got questions? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer.

Photo credits: Nika Lauraitis by Zoltan Tombor for Grazia Italia, May 2013