Will Work For Shoes

If you have never done celebrity product placement before, WILL WORK FOR SHOES: THE BUSINESS BEHIND RED CARPET PRODUCT PLACEMENT by Susan J. Ashbrook is the book for you.
I devoured this book in about two days, after finding it in Amazon for a super interesting price. It was so catchy from minute one that I really couldn’t leave it, mostly because of the tone and the multiple practical examples and real cases the book offers. It goes straight to the point (just like Ready to Launch: The PR Couture guide), which is something I deeply appreciate when I read a book I expect to learn something from.
Will work for shoes is a book about celebrity placement, but it goes beyond the basics and shows you every single detail of it: how to get your product on the hands of a celebrity, how to decide whether a celebrity is worthy for your product or not, how to design a proper campaign, how to deal with the crew around the celebrity (networking is key!), how to convince this people that your product is the perfect match for the star, how to select the right media for the exposure, how to measure results and how to get ready for the BIG BOOM after the celebrity has used your product.
I have personally dealt with celebrity product placement in the past (not in fashion but in travel and beauty PR). Even though I can assure there’s a lot more hard work in this activity than in any other PR action I have performed, the final results are so much better and the revenues are definitely higher. I remember a bunch of people calling a certain hotel we were representing just because they knew star X had stayed there in the master suite with her boo. Some others were interested in taking the exotic beauty treatment the celebrity had taken during her (paid-by-us) holiday, or having dinner in a gourmet restaurant which she visited.
When I read this book I felt sorry I hadn’t done it before. Its guidelines would have been so useful to me. Sometimes dealing with agents and getting to work with celebs can make you sweat blood (and cry like a baby, as in my intern days). If you are an intern and you meet a celeb who literally tries to throw your expensive camera into a pool and screams to you as if you were her personal flight-attendant -not that this happened to me anyway…-, you gotta be strong (and smart) enough to control the situation and try to get the best out of it. Mainly for two reasons: first of all because of the client you are representing, and then because your professional career will profit from it if you success.
Do you have the chance to read eBooks? FINE! Download the Kindle version here from $9.24 or buy a Hardcover version from $7.11 to $16.70.